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Charles Kerlee -- Combat Camera
Soon after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Charles Kerlee joined the US Navy as part of Edward Steichen's special combat camera unit. A professional, commercial photographer, his work stands as some of the finest ever shot during wartime.

Neil Armstrong and One Small Step
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." With those words, Neil Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the lunar module, "Eagle" and onto the surface of the Moon. His small step was the culmination of a decade of dedication involving a cast of thousands and hundreds of companies under the guidance of NASA. July 20th, 1999, is the 30th anniversary of man's step onto the Moon -- read about how we got there.

Battle of the Bismarck Sea
In the darkest early days of World War II, New Guinea was the key to Australia for the Japanese. All that stood in their path was a handful of Allied squadrons. The battle that ensued changed the course of the war. Now, in partnership with iMagic Online, you too can have a chance to rewrite history! Sign up for an online flight and combat simulation with WarBirds!

Air Mail: Flights of Courage
Fly the mail with the pioneer aviators of the U.S. Air Mail Service. Learn about the risks and achievements of the Service, and review an extensive photo gallery from the early years of aviation.

Edward Steichen Photo Gallery
During WWII, Edward Steichen, arguably one of the finest commercial photographers of the day, volunteered to serve in the US Navy on board carriers in combat. His photographs have emerged as some of the finest examples of work with a camera at war.

Target Baghdad: Gulf War Diary
Surf through our photo diary of the Gulf War, reviewing over a hundred of the finest images brought back from the conflict. Our staff sorted through over 30,000 USAF Combat Camera photos to select the best for you.

John Glenn: Three Orbits to History
Fly into history beside John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth. Take a voyage back to the early 1960s and the Space Race between the USA and the USSR.

B-17 Flying Fortress Forum
Join in the action at the B-17 Forum! Discuss history with veterans and aviators, find an old friend, view the photo gallery, and read the personal stories of those who were there.

It's a MIG!!
Catch the story and see the never before published photos of America's first MiG-15. Be there when North Korean pilot, Lt. Kum Sok No, defected to Kimpo AFB, Seoul, South Korea, in 1953.

Pretty Deadly (Nose Art)
Military aviators since WWII have often personalized their aircraft with nose art depicting women, cartoon characters, hometown imagery, and simply names. Take a tour into history with HW as we examine some of the best nose art, up close and personal!


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