The night schedule has finally started. $1,250,000 was appropriated during the past year to expand and set things up for the 24-hour service.

The money went towards additional landing fields, setting up towers, placing searchlights, constructing airway marker beacons, and purchasing other equipment. The installation of beacons was adapted from the Army, which initially set up a line between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. The Post Office has continued the line across the country at a cost of $550,000. The beacons rotate at a ten second interval and make the route visible to us as we fly through the night.

It is amazing to look back at the past few years and see how far the Air Mail has come in such a short time. It is also sad because many of my friends have died doing their part for the Service. It's a miracle I'm alive. However, I do realize I am a part of something that few get the opportunity to experience -- and I will always be a part of aviation history.