Although we have completed a transcontinental day and night flight, we have yet to start a regular day and night route. Fortunately, the Air Mail administration feels that safety comes first. They are experimenting with night lights for both landing strips and planes. Most pilots feel optimistic with these developments.

In August of 1923, an experimental flight with ground beacons is done. It turns out to be a success. However, a permanent schedule will not take effect until the following summer. For the moment, the Congress does not want to spend any more money on night flying.

Night Flights
Night Flights

Now that the pilots' opinions are taken into account, it is making the development of instrumentation much easier. Methods to improve air-to-ground communication are being developed. Better lighting systems are also in the works for runways. Everyone wants to make air travel as safe as possible. Night flights are to begin in less than a year.

It looks like the Air Mail is finally on its way with the right combination of leadership, determination and courage.