Fill 'er Up!
Wait! Has anyone thought to check the gas tank? The mechanics go over and ...its empty! Without a spare supply of gas, the other planes on the airfield will have to be drained of their fuel.

After fueling, Boyle climbs in once again, cranks the ignition and takes off. He barely clears the tops of the trees but he's on his way to Philadelphia... at least we think. The few who stop and think about it wonder quietly that he doesn't seem to be flying in the right direction.

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Merry Maryland...
Our fears are confirmed. An hour after take-off Boyle has called to say he landed in Maryland with a broken propeller. A truck is sent out to pick up the mail and get it back on course -- the old way, by road.

All other flights go off without any problems. The press has been kind in their relay of the events. They barely mention Boyle's miscalculations or the lack of fuel. The Air Mail has officially begun and the end objective is to establish a transcontinental route. Expansion is on the horizon....