With the first routes barely proven, Otto Praeger, the Second Assistant Postmaster General, continues to have grandiose plans of coast-to-coast and night flights. Overall, the existing route from New York to Washington has been going well but tension is growing between Praeger and the pilots.

Expanding the Air Mail
The first planned expansion westward is to Cleveland and Chicago. This will mean flying over the Allegheny Mountains, a treacherous part of the country because of unpredictable weather and the lack of landing sites. It is a serious issue since the planes are as troublesome as the weather and often require several emergency landings.

The Bellefonte Story
The Bellefonte Story

During the year, Praeger has convinced Ben Lipsner, the coordinator of events from the first flight in 1918, to leave his post with the Army and become Superintendent of the Air Mail service. However, it does not take long for both men to realize that their plans for the service are not the same. Lipsner resigns. A point of argument between them is the expansion to Cleveland and beyond to Chicago.