On the flight deck, every opportunity is made to improve performance and safety, down to the selection of colors for the jerseys worn by flight deck personnel. For flight crews, a quick glance is all that is required to know who is doing what and where to go.

    The Color Code:
  • Purple: Aviation fueling [nicknamed: "Grapes"]
  • Blue: Plane handlers, aircraft elevator operators, tractor drivers, messengers and phone talkers
  • Green: Catapult and arresting gear crews, air wing maintenance personnel, air wing quality control personnel, cargo-handling personnel, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) troubleshooters, hook runners, photographer's mates, helicopter Landing Signal Enlisted personnel (LSE)
  • Yellow: aircraft handling officers, catapult and arresting gear officers, plane directors
  • Red: Ordnancemen, crash and salvage crews, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Brown: Air wing plane captains, air wing line leading petty officers
  • White: Squadron plane inspectors, Landing Signal Officer (LSO), Air Transfer Officers (ATO), Liquid Oxygen (LOX) crews, safety observers, medical personnel