In the modern day, the ability to project force on a global scale is what counts. While land-based aircraft are often the key to fighting a sustained war and winning, the ability to prevent conflict often rests on the shoulders of fast reaction forces. And when it comes to putting air power into a regional crisis quickly, there is nothing that compares to the US Navy's aircraft carriers and their deployed Carrier Air Groups.

Serving as a mobile airfield that's able to travel more than 500 miles in a single day, time and again when the first news of a crisis reaches the White House, the President's first question is the same, "Where is our nearest aircraft carrier?" The role of the carrier and the aircraft deployed onboard, the CVW, has ranged from fighting an all-out war to maintaining peace just by its presence. Even in the wake of the Cold War, the US Navy's aircraft carriers have proven to be an essential cornerstone of national security.