design is not a mystery... at least not if you focus on the commercial purpose first and foremost.

I n t e r n e t   D e s i g n
site design and creative concept Digital Minute
This site was put together as a demonstration project highlighting the talents and skills of the Digital Minute (then Capstone Studio) in the field of Internet Design. Digital Minute is an advertising and design consultancy. Our clients span the globe from Fortune 500 firms, including IBM, to small and medium-sized businesses that value quality advertising and strategic design.
site dedication This site is dedicated to the many test pilots and pioneers who lost their life advancing the science and safety of aviation. From the Wright Brothers to today, these pilots dared to fly where no pilot had been before.
photographic credits A special thanks to NASA, the United States Air Force, and the US Department of Defense for photographic records and images used in this site.
copy writing and research Digital Minute
All copy used in assembling this site was prepared in-house by the Digital Minute's staff of copy writers and is based on extensive historical research by the agency. Among the studio's specialties are aviation-related advertising.

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